Christians Arrested over Climate Protests

(A special report for this web site. Nicki Myers at the protest in Parliament Square. Photograph: Simon Murphy

Ruth Jarman is a Christian activist who has recently joined the Extinction Rebellion Movement .She is an ordinary mother who is so concerned about the current situation that she decided, along with other Christians, to do something positive about it.

This group states: “This is an emergency.    The deadly heatwave that gripped the world last summer is only a glimpse of what is to come, according to neutral and independent scientists. This extreme weather will continue and it will get worse to if we do not properly address the crisis. The government and environmental NGOs have failed to do so. We need to build a mass movement that is not prepared to accept what is happening.  We need change.’

Ruth was arrested for obstructing the road when members of the group sat down in the middle of a London road recently. In fact, she was arrested four times in the first week of action.

Ruth says: “What I read out in my police interview in the police station after my first arrest (- the solicitors always advise you not to say anything except for 'no comment', but I don't always do what people say):-

I read out:-

I visited the Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy today as a Christian and as a mother because God’s creation and the human race faces an existential crisis beyond anything in our history.

Our government has been offered a life-line, only available now, by international bodies of experts on climate and species loss, in the form of specific advice on what it must do to maintain abundant life on earth and avert catastrophe. It has refused to look at this life-line and instead is cutting support for renewables, increasing subsidies for oil and gas and expanding airports and roads. 

They know the truth about where we are. They know what they need to do to avert climate and biodiversity breakdown, yet they are refusing to act.

I hold our government criminally negligent for the coming extinction of most of God’s creation including possibly humanity itself.

I wanted to expose this truth and help them to repent and do what it takes to protect the future.”

( Photo at the top of the page made available from "The Guardian.")