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Celebrating the 1st Birthday of the Green Christian-Barnet group:

Details are on the “Home” page here about our Birthday event taking place

on Saturday, 23 November, from 9.45 to 11.00 a.m. 

All our very welcome.

A New Blog: go to the “Blog” page here:-

Rachel Mander has written especially for this website a new BLOG on

“Engaging with the Political Climate,” -

a very appropriate topic at this General Election time.

This short entry is very practical and we hope that Rachel will lead lead a

session in 2020 on engaging with MPs.

You are invited to the next

Green Christian-Barnet event:

Date:    Saturday, 12th. October, 2019

Time:    9.45 a.m. for refreshments, and event starts: 10.00a.m. -- 12.00 noon

At:  St. John’s Church, Somerset Rd., New Barnet, EN5 1RH.

Main Topic:   

Food in a time of Climate Crisis:

How we produce, buy, use and (often) waste food.

Looking at some facts, ideas and possible answers to basic issues. 

All are very welcome – especially if you have not been before.

We are a friendly group of mainly local people who have a range of opinions. 

You don’t have to be a church-goer to attend! You can come and just “observe.”

And it’s free.

Details about our activities:   website:

Facebook:    Climate Concern (n.b.: the Capital letters)

         Any questions?        please phone:    ants on 07990 793 046

           or email:

 “ International  News  Concerning  Us All…including what we eat,  ( 10 August, 2019 ) :The U N’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has produced a Special Report

Clinate Change and Land.  This may sound boring but it is far from that.

Written by 107 scientists and published by the UN's IPCC, it provides the latest scientific evidence 

so that governments can take appropriate action as part of their policy-making.

The Report states that if land is used more effectively, it can store more of the carbon which is emitted by humans.

This would play a part in the mitigation of climate change effects.

If people now choose to eat less meat, or even no meat, and go for a plant-based diet - this will help the fight against the climate crisis which we now face. We may be encouraged to do this, perhaps, through the mouthwatering burger, illustrated in the Getty Image shown on our “Home”page?  (Would be happy to have a good discussion about this suggestion, on this site, at any time.) 

The IPCC Report is at: www.

ALSO: More news is available via the usual channels, including BBC News

(from which the “Vegan Burger” image was taken, with thanks.).  "

“Local News: Barnet Council, unlike many other councils. Fails to call a Climate Emergency”.

The majority party, Conservatives, voted down the motion proposed by the Labour group on the Council which asked for a declaration with the plan to have a joint Council, Community and interest groups committee to help plan for the future activities related to the climate crisis. (I did not even mention a “Citizens’ Assembly” which is a popular method for involving everyday citizens in dealing with the climate situation.) The proposers of the motion offered cross-party co-operation so as to deliver what is becoming for local authorities a normal response to the crisis. 

The majority party substituted their own four amendments which concerned buses, air pollution measurement (which they are doing already)  and called for more resources - which are all acceptable responses. —  BUT they are not of themselves, , it can be argued,  sufficient to meet the net zero targets for carbon emissions by 2050 - let alone the 2030 preferred target date.. In fact, these four amendments could have formed the “Stage One” of a climate emergency policy had the Council agreed. Such a step would help to focus the attention upon the crisis which we face and the local community as well as the Council would have a pathway ahead. This would assist us to keep all our activities and responses under review.

A great opportunity existed and has been lost - for now. Eventually the Council will have to agree to this declaration because of the public pressure for change. So we have to continue the fight. Watch out for details coming soon here of a on-line partition on this topic.”

“Our LAST” Saturday event was on 18th May, 2019:

At St John’s United Reformed Church (main building) Somerset Road, New Barnet EN5 1RH

from: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon, with refreshments from 9.45 am.

Topic:  “Climate Change – Which Way Forward?

Looking at options – including: faith, politics and protests?

A varied & positive programme including contributions from Christian Climate Action / XR Supporters, plus “How to talk to MPs”.

Plus: news, resources, information and encouragement.

ALL are very welcome. Please come and bring your friends.

More details: from Ants: 07990 793 046; email:

f/b: Climate Concern (nb: use capital “C”s as shown.)



The Extinction Rebellion protestors in Parliament Square. Nicki Myers is one of them.

( Photo at the top of the page made available from "The Guardian.") Photograph: Simon Murphy (A special report on this event is available on our  Blog page.)