The Extinction Rebellion protestors in Parliament Square. Nicki Myers is one of them.

( Photo at the top of the page made available from "The Guardian.") Photograph: Simon Murphy (A special report on this event is available on our  Blog page.)

Islanders on Fiji flee the sea - because of climate change.


“Danger for South Pacific Islands: many Islands are threatened by the sea through climate change.: — a brief report by Shalini Later, based at The University of the South Pacific.” (Dec. 2018).


The results achieved show that climate change is not perceived as an issue of high concern by the people and local decision-makers of the Rewa Delta. Although most of the respondents have heard of the term, most commonly from the media, most are not aware of the nature of changes and the risks associated with climate change. Even though changes are evident in the natural environment in the form of increased erosion, king tides and inundation, people commonly see these as something normal and natural -something they cannot do much about. Most feel that changes are happening because god is punishing them. The communities do not plan to re-locate even if threats intensify due to their strong cultural links with traditional land. The perception was found to be more concentrated on short- term climate variability and thus is a barrier for longer-term climate-change adaptation in the Rewa Delta. The results imply that risk perception of climate change essential at all levels of society for successful implementation of adaptation policies and strategies.