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United Nations has a Climate Change Agenda:

This current news story is in The Guardian and other World newspapers. Watch this “News Space.”

“   The Climate Crisis:  Global Climate Strike;

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The Climate Crisis effects our food as well as the weather.

The next Green Christian-Barnet Event is on

“Food at a time of Climate Crisis”,

Saturday, 12th. October, from 9.45a.m.

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“Climate Change:  a few facts via the BBC and following the example of Greta Thunberg. Follow the Link to the BBC News item HERE.  “

News Flash:- Vegan burgers  becoming all the rage! News Flash: August, 2019: Special Report by the U N Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) provides a warning about climate change and the use of land. This affects us all: SEE: the “NEWS” page here




At the last Green Christian-Barnet event, we went into some detail and discussed the topic of “Rubbish” and how we can reduce the amount of plastic being used today.

This could not be more important! The title was:-

‘A Rubbish Problem:     Plastic Waste — Harming Creation and People in Poverty:  — What Can We Do?”

Sarah Edwards from the charity Tearfund introduced the topic and outlined the new campaign being run by them This is part of a World-wide effort being made to deal with the mountains of rubbish which is blighting the lives of millions.

For more information go to the special Tearfund website:

The details which were provided via video inputs as well as by Sarah’s excellent talk, made us ask “What we can we do to help?” E. G. many people have to spend their lives surrounded by stinking rubbish. And they are too poor to move away to safer conditions!

That special website gives valuable advice and suggestions.  

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That special website gives valuable advice and suggestions.  .

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A small group of people have contributed to this project because of our concern about the situation with our planet. As ordinary people on the new all-electric omnibus (if only!), we want to help improve the climate change situation where we can.



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