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A new item on the roots of the climate crisis is now in our BLOG section.

Rachel Mander from Hope for the Future, shares her thoughts on the deeper roots of the Climate Crisis. 

Rachel writes clearly and honestly about the reasons for her personal commitment to these issues. Given all the media interest at present, it is good to take time to think more deeply about what is the background to our situation. 

An Up-Date  and getting ready for the Election, Dec. 2019:-


A non-political and Brief Report on:- THE GREEN CHRISTIAN-BARNET GROUP,Meeting to celebrate the Group’s  first year, was heldon Sat. 23rd. Nov. 2019 @ St. John’s Church, Somerset Rd., New Barnet, EN5 1RH. Report: Ahead of the Election, we considered possible questions to ask of the five Parliamentry candidates at the Hustings to be held on Thurs. 5th.Dec, @ St. John the Baptist Church, Chipping Barnet, from 7.30 p.m. – If you have any questions to suggest on Environmental issues, please contact Ants on 07901 757 960. In addition, we reviewed the past year and discussed future topics. We included a look at the Tearfund “Plastics” campaign as well as how a Eco Group was set-up recently at Church Hill Primary School, E. Barnet. Our next event will deal with “|Fossil Fuels in the Home”…details to follow. NOTES from the short contribution on this subject, made at this November event, are included here as a BLOG item. Written by Terry Over, it includes some practical tips and is well worth a look. We also shared News and Ideas covering current “Green” issues.  If you have never been to our Events, ”observers” are welcome to come --- you don’t have to say a word;.“Newcomers” are especially welcome. We aim to be the friendliest group around. And our refreshments are…well…refreshing --- and free! Any questions? Contact Ants on 0208 440 6040, or via: ants


Reporting Back on “Food in a time of Climate Change

This event, organised by the Green Christian-Barnet group on Saturday, 12th October, proved to be very successful. An estimate of between 45 to 50  people attended (we did not have time to count them.) It was also good to welcome some new friends. Including Theresa Villiers, who is our local M P as well as the Secretary of State for Environment, Rural Affairs and Agriculture. She asked to attend and stayed for 75 minutes or so…perhaps an election is coming?

Since the Climate Crisis is such a vital topic, we plan to ensure that all the candidates standing at the next election should be questioned on these issues perhaps at a special “Green Hustings? 

Our event included short presentations by Wendy Alcock, Paul Elsden and Andrew Summers. Each gave lively, interesting and relevant talks with illustrations, questions and answers on different aspects of the topic.

The final session took the form of some small groups who reported back on the theme of “What can be done to improve the situation?” Richard Dulmeny and Andrew Mills dealt with the “feedback” which related to how we individually should respond as well as possible responses from both churches and politicians. Notes from this will be forthcoming. 

We look forward to providing for our community further opportunities to consider “key” topics relevant to the environment and especially about climate crisis issues. All our event are open to the public, regardless of peoples’ faith, lack of it or any other type of “religious status”!.

(We are very sorry for the delay in posting this item which was due to illness. Normal service is now restored.)


United Nations has a Climate Change Agenda:

This current news story is in The Guardian and other World newspapers. Watch this “News Space.”

“   The Climate Crisis:  Global Climate Strike;

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How doe you respond to these activities?

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The Climate Crisis effects our food as well as the weather.

The next Green Christian-Barnet Event is on

“Food at a time of Climate Crisis”,

Saturday, 12th. October, from 9.45a.m.

Please see our News page for further information

“Climate Change:  a few facts via the BBC and following the example of Greta Thunberg. Follow the Link to the BBC News item HERE.  “

News Flash:- Vegan burgers  becoming all the rage! News Flash: August, 2019: Special Report by the U N Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) provides a warning about climate change and the use of land. This affects us all: SEE: the “NEWS” page here




At the last Green Christian-Barnet event, we went into some detail and discussed the topic of “Rubbish” and how we can reduce the amount of plastic being used today.

This could not be more important! The title was:-

‘A Rubbish Problem:     Plastic Waste — Harming Creation and People in Poverty:  — What Can We Do?”

Sarah Edwards from the charity Tearfund introduced the topic and outlined the new campaign being run by them This is part of a World-wide effort being made to deal with the mountains of rubbish which is blighting the lives of millions.

For more information go to the special Tearfund website:

The details which were provided via video inputs as well as by Sarah’s excellent talk, made us ask “What we can we do to help?” E. G. many people have to spend their lives surrounded by stinking rubbish. And they are too poor to move away to safer conditions!

That special website gives valuable advice and suggestions.  

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That special website gives valuable advice and suggestions.  .

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