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The next event Is on Saturday, 18th May 2019,

At St John’s United Reformed Church (main building) Somerset Road, New Barnet 


from: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon,

with refreshments from 9.45 am.

Topic:  “Climate Change – Which Way Forward?

Looking at options – including: faith, politics and protests?

A varied & positive programme including contributions from Christian Climate Action / XR Supporters, plus “How to talk to MPs”.

Plus: news, resources, information and encouragement.

ALL are very welcome. Please come and bring your friends.

More details: from Ants: 07990 793 046; email:

f/b: Climate Concern (nb: use capital “C”s as shown.)


About Us


A small group of people have contributed to this project because of our concern about the situation with our planet. As ordinary people on the new all-electric omnibus (if only!), we want to help improve the climate change situation where we can.



We will share with you: Current news ( no fake news allowed) practical solutions which work In improving the environment

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